Ablative and non-ablative laser rejuvenation

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Ablative and non-ablative laser rejuvenation

Ablative and non-ablative laser rejuvenation includes innovative methods for achieving perfect and fresh looking skin based on the latest scientific developments and technologies.

What distinguishes ablative of non-ablative lasers?

Ablative lasers are designed so that precisely burns and removes the top layer of the treated skin. The production of new and healthy cells is accelerated since the synthesis of collagen is stimulated. Healing is associated with the formation of new layers. Therefore, the skin is smoothed, its density, elasticity and youthful appearance are restored. In the non-ablative laser, collagen is stimulated without removal of the upper layers of the skin. Much less power is used to influence the dermis. Recovery here is much faster, but the effect is smaller. Since 2003, the aesthetic medicine used laser systems developed on the revolutionary technology of fractionation. It allows processing only parts (fractions) of the skin, ensuring rapid recovery and refreshment.

Non-ablative laser rejuvenation with Fotona

This is a high-tech method for comprehensive treatment of all skin changes associated with age – diffuse redness, enlarged pores, uneven structure, fine wrinkles. In scientific aspects, the therapy has been approved as a method for stimulating the synthesis of new collagen. This is a non-invasive technology for safe and effective treatment for all skin types. It is suitable for both men and women. The procedure is relaxing and comfortable for the patient, accompanied by a gentle warming of the skin surface. There is no need to use local anesthesia, analgesia or gel. Excellent results were achieved in the face and neck. On the recommendation of the dermatologist could be treated other parts of the body. Immediately after the procedure, you can return to normal duties. If you are about exposure to direct sunlight, should be put sunscreens. To achieve optimum results apply 4 to 6 procedures over four weeks.

Ablative rejuvenation with fractional CO2 laser

The fractional CO2 laser is considered the best standard in restoration and rejuvenation of the skin. Its design and development are based on the fractional technology, but one of the most important advantages is that precisely affects only parts (fractions) of the skin. This, on the one hand, ensures its rapid regeneration, on the other hand – the production of collagen in the dermis (deeper layers of the skin). As a result – wrinkles are filled, full tightness of the skin is ensured, its youthful luster is returned, the entire lower part of the face is lifted and the oval of the face is softened. Another advantage is the fact that the synthesis of collagen remains within the next 6 months. It can be applied on the entire face, on the thinning skin around the eyes, including the network of fine lines around the eyes. It is also used to treat the area around the upper and lower lip, where over the years wrinkles occur that issue age. It provides essential tension of the upper and lower eyelid and can fully replace laser blepharoplasty.

The fractional CO2 laser is harmless and is suitable for all types and colors. The procedure is not painful, but for your comfort is recommended local anesthesia. Two hours after the procedure, most patients feel treatment like sunburn. Redness fades quickly and is not accompanied by pain.

The number of procedures depends on the type of the dermatological problem, as well as the power of laser radiation to be used.

Клиника по естетична дерматология и лазерна терапия в Пловдив – DermaPlus

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Клиника по естетична дерматология и лазерна терапия в Пловдив – DermaPlus

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