Laser therapy of acquired and congenital vascular formations

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Laser therapy of acquired and congenital vascular formations

Vascular lesions are one of the first dermatological problems treated with lasers. Already in 1963. Goldman uses a long-pulsed Nd: Yag (1064nm) laser to remove hemangiomas and naevus flammeus (PWS naevus or red birthmarks). In recent years, with the development of laser technologies, the therapy of vascular formations becomes much more effective, safe, and most beneficial to the patient. Progress in laser technology has led to a revolution in the treatment of enlarged blood vessels, etc. cracked capillaries, angiomas, angiokeratomas, hemangiomas, PWS naevus (red birthmarks), and others.

What is the principle of action?

The influence of cutaneous vascular lesions is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis. The main purpose of laser radiation is oxyhemoglobin, which is found in erythrocytes (red blood cells) that circulate through blood vessels. After ingestion of the laser beam, it is transformed into thermal energy that diffuses towards the wall of the blood vessels, causing selective photocoagulation and thrombosis of the vaginal vessel. As a result of these microarrays, the processes of degradation and resorption of the vessel walls are activated. The process takes from 14 days to 2 months, depending on the treatment area.

The undesirable blood formations are treated most successfully with the following laser lengths: 542, 585, 595, 1064nm. The laser wavelengths of 500 to 600nm are most absorbed by oxyhemoglobin but they penetrate more superficially and are not effective in handling deeper vessels such as those on the body and especially on the legs. They also cause temporary hypopigmentation and purpura (bleeding).

Laser radiation at 1064nm is more painful and can cause atrophic scars, especially in the area of the nose, when working with a large spot. However, this length (1064 nm) has a number of advantages:

the deepest penetration into tissues and the greatest efficiency in deep-vessel processing,
an opportunity to treat not only red but also blue-green containers, safety on darker skins,
do not cause purple and hypopigmentation.

Why do we work with Duetto MT Evo in our clinic?

The Quanta System Duetto MT Evo laser system is approved by the FDA for the removal of teleangiesthesias (vascular stars) acquired and congenital angiomas, hemangiomas, PWS naevus or naevus flammeus (red birthmarks), small capillaries and veins up to 4mm, rosacea, erythrose and poilloderma.

With Duetto MT Evo mix technology, two long-wavelength wavelengths of 755nm and 1064nm are used sequentially. Hemoglobin absorbs the 755nm laser wave and converts to methemoglobin. Methemoglobin absorbs radiation with a length of 1064nm three times more effective than hemoglobin. Mixed technology reduces the required energy dose of laser radiation by 30% compared to 1064nm alone. This reduces the thermal load on the tissues and therefore the risk of side effects is minimal. The presence of contact sapphire cooling protects the epidermis from heating and minimizes the likelihood of burning. The ability to use a small spot of laser radiation allows the treatment of small vessels in the nose area without scars. Mixed technology is most effective in removing both red and blue-green vessels placed on the legs.

In which patients is this therapy not recommended?

Laser therapy is contraindicated in patients with:

  • severe cardiovascular diseases
  • carcinoma diseases
  • tendency to thrombosis
  • venous insufficiency
  • pregnancy and lactation

How many procedures are needed?

Multiple treatment sessions are required for complete vessel counting. The importance of the duration of treatment is the type of vascular damage, depth, size, location, skin type, general health, harmful habits, and intake of certain medications.

It is important to know that the absorption of the vessels varies from one person to another and can last from a few days to two months. It should be noted that capillaries on the face tend to reappear over time. It is therefore recommended to develop an individual treatment plan.

Are there any restrictions after the procedure?

Yes, at least three days should avoid hot baths and procedures with a heating effect. Physical exercises should be avoided, as they increase the blood flow and can cause problems in the treated vessel. The use of high-factor photoprotection is recommended for six weeks.


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