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Mesotherapy, also known under the term „intradermal therapy“, is not just a technology, but a new philosophy for treatment. For the first time in 1952, the French physician Dr. Michel Pistor (1924-2003) introduced this method – primarily in the treatment of rheumatic and traumatic disorders. In 1958 he published his clinical trials and coined the term Mesotherapy. In 1987, the method was adopted by the French Academy of Medicine as an integral part of traditional medicine. Today, more than 18,000 physicians worldwide practice this technique.

Mesotherapy is among the most effective methods in the battle against cellulite and skin aging. In aesthetic medicine is applied for tightening and lifting the face and body. Proven is its excellent effect in localized fat deposits, stretch marks, hair loss, acne and pigmentation.

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a series of microinjections which applicate different „cocktails“ in the skin layers. In fact, injections are made in the epidermis, dermis or hypodermis, which depends on the treated problem. The pin-pricks are made at an interval of 0.5 to 2 cm and a depth of 1 to 10 mm. Thin needles 27, 30 or 32G and a length of 4 to 10 mm are used. Different „cocktails“ of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, lipolytic ingredients, enzymes, regulating the cell metabolism are injected. The cocktail reduces the formation of free radicals which damage the cell structure and stimulates the normal renewal of epidermis and dermis. The injection is done manually or with special guns.

Where is mesotherapy applied?

In the field of aesthetic medicine mesotherapy is a proven method for facial and body tightening and lifting, treatment of wrinkles, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin, the neck, the décolleté. It is used in cellulite (this is the most effective method to solve the problem), localized fat deposits, stretch, defluvium and alopecia (hair loss).

What are the benefits of mesotherapy?

The active substances are injected directly into the area of the treated problem that revitalizes cells and enhances their biological functions. As a result, increases microcirculation, improves blood circulation, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Signs are missing after treatment, unlike liposuction, and the pricks themselves stimulate skin tightening. The number of procedures is determined by the problem and its seriousness, as they may vary from 3 to 15-20 treatments in a period of 1 to 3-6 weeks. The duration of a treatment is about 20-30 minutes and requires no special training and recovery.

The durability of the effect depends on the patient’s lifestyle and physical activity. Depending on the treatment problem, 1 or 2 series of procedures are conducted during the year, which must be followed by maintenance therapy in 1, 2 or 3 months.

Is the manipulation painful?

The manipulation is less painful and the majority of patients experienced only some insignificant discomfort. However, it should be taken in mind that people have different threshold of sensitivity. For anesthesia creams are applied or painkiller substances are added in the cocktails. Depending on the strength of the blood vessels and the skill of the physician as a possible adverse effect bruisings may occur in the area of pricks. It is mandatory that two days before and after the therapy not to take aspirin. Other side effects are redness, mild swelling in the treated area, itching, burning. These symptoms disappear within a few hours to 4-5 days.


Клиника по естетична дерматология и лазерна терапия в Пловдив – DermaPlus

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Клиника по естетична дерматология и лазерна терапия в Пловдив – DermaPlus

Dermatological clinic in Plovdiv

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