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Modeling the face and the body

Facelifting with Exilis

The facelifting is the overall process of restoring its symmetry, balance, proportions and return to its youthful appearance.
Aging of the face is determined by many factors and starts at adolescence. With advancing years the vital functions of cells reduce, their metabolism is slowing, the skin loses moisture and elasticity. As a result, the jaw line begins to sag, the skin of the cheeks and neck relaxes and roughened, cheeks sunk. Modern aesthetic medicine has a wide arsenal of techniques for modeling of the face, as more and more is the need for rejuvenation and good vision. Recently, clearly stands the preference for non-invasive technologies that achieve the desired effect safely without anesthesia, scarring and recovery period. In this respect, the unique development Exilis gives excellent results and not coincidentally is considered an alternative to operating lifting.

What is Exilis?

This is the only technology that combines in its operation radiofrequency and ultrasound. The unique is that they work simultaneously and their actions are synchronized. Exilis meets all international standards and is approved by FDA (the American Association of Food and Drug Administration).

The apparatus operates by monopolar radiofrequency, which in contrast to the bipolar and tripolar, allows the use of a large amount of energy and penetration into the deeper layers of the skin (4 cm). It is very important to work with the fleshy tissues. There is no other device that can penetrate so deeply. Radiofrequency is controlled. Radiofrequency generator is of latest generation, which allows the treatment area to obtain a uniform amount of energy and respectively warming the skin. This ensures best effect and do not allow any damage to the skin.

The device is equipped with a 4-speed protection. 1000 times per minute is measured by how much of the applicator’s area is touched to the skin. There is continuous monitoring of the energy flow. It can not overheat the skin because at any moment is known what is the temperature. The temperature working range is 39-41 degrees. Problems with burning may occur over 45 degrees, which here are inadmissible. The face applicator continuously measures the temperature and reaching such a peak is impossible. Furthermore, the device is turned off every 30 seconds.

What is the mechanism of action?

Exilis works at connective tissue level and collagen remodeling is performed. Over time collagen molecules get tired and relaxed. High-frequency radio waves compact stretch fibers and stimulate the synthesis of new collagen. About 40-41 degrees begins denaturation of proteins, collagen gradually begins to unravel. If the molecule is healthy, it automatically folds to its original state and becomes as new collagen molecule. If there is damage, the device unravels molecules and helps to restore their primary structure and elasticity. The damaged break down and collagen molecules are re-synthesized. Due to the high temperature that develops in the skin, fibroblasts responsible for collagen synthesis are stimulated. The newly synthesized collagen fibers reorganize and form a properly structured network that avoids uneven accumulation of fat. Ultrasound ensures availability of energy flow to the tissues, accelerates the breakdown of fats, activates the metabolism of the cells by 60-80 percent. All this provides sealing and tightening of the skin from within, removing wrinkles and an overall lifting effect on the face.

Which parts of the face can be treated?

Virtually all areas, including the delicate area around the eyes. The special face applicator Exilis allows working to shape cheeks, chin lift, removal of wrinkles around the eyes and bags under the eyes. Excellent results to rejuvenate the décolleté and the neck.

Are procedures painful and when does the desired effect occur?

No pain and during treatment the patient is in complete comfort. Nice warming of the skin is felt without the risk of burning, as the device has a 4-speed protection for safety. Immediately after the procedure the client can undertake his/her normal duties as redness of the treated areas subsides quickly.

The effect is visible after the first treatment, but to achieve the desired results, must be performed four procedures. Depending on skin condition number can go and 6.

It is important to note that the effect is much greater when plenty of water is drunk the day before and after treatment. This contributes to faster discharge of toxins from the body and its hydration. The complete set procedures ensures improvement of skin in the next three months, which is associated with permanently enhance the metabolism of cells and start the process of regeneration of skin, synthesis of proteins and renewal of the skin layer. The peak actually is 3 months after completion of the 4 treatments. Maintenance can be done after 6 months, no effect of addiction.

Can all use Exilis?

The technology has a positive effect on all skin types, but should not be used on people with pacemakers or metal implants in the body, with cancer, problems with blood clotting and nerve and degenerative diseases. Therapy is not recommended in pregnancy.

Modeling the body with Exilis

Tight hips and arms, flat stomach, slim waist – dreamed proportions became a fact after working with Exilis. The unique combination of radiofrequency and ultrasound attack stubborn fat deposits in the body. So Exilis is approved as an alternative to invasive liposuction of the American Association for the Control of Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

How does Exilis act?

During the procedure safe radiofrequency and ultrasound waves heat up the skin and attack fat cells. This is the only technology that not only combines work radiofrequency and ultrasound but synchronizes their action. Heat accelerates the metabolism of fat cells and ultrasound breaks fat stores.

Another advantage is that it works with Exilis monopolar radiofrequency, allowing greater penetration of the depth of the skin layers. Radiofrequency is controlled as the treatment area gets an even amount of energy and respectively warming the skin. On the one hand, this ensures a good effect on the other – prevents any damage to the skin. The device is equipped with a 4-speed protection that ensures safe delivery of the required maximum energy at the correct depth. Continuous monitoring of the energy flow is performed. The body applicator has a built-in cooler, allowing to achieve the optimum temperature for melting fat stores. Around them there are connective tissue sheaths, which thanks to ultrasound break. Broken mast cells are eliminated by natural metabolic processes. At the same time the production of new collagen fibers are stimulated and the collagen network is strengthened. The result of this process is dealing with cellulite, smoothing the skin, improving its elasticity, color and texture.

Which parts of the body can be treated?

It can be applied in all areas of the body, including where there is the most difficult to melt fat – love handles, abdomen, breeches, hips, knees, upper arms.

Is Exilis safe?

The technology meets all international standards and is approved by the American Association of Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Exilis has won prizes for safe and effective devices for aesthetic medicine from Las Vegas, USA – 2012 and England – 2013.

What is felt during the procedure?

Pleasant warming is felt, which many compare to hot stone massage. Procedures are comfortable, require no anesthesia and immediately after treatment, the patient can undertake his/her normal duties. In order to have a greater effect, the day before the procedure and the day after it should be increased the intake of water. This speeds up the elimination of toxins from the body.

How many procedures are needed?

The effect is visible after the first procedure, but to achieve the desired results, must be performed four procedures. This starts the regeneration process of the skin that lasts for months afterwards. The complete set of procedures ensure improvement of the skin in the next 3 months which is associated with permanent strengthening of skin metabolism, synthesis of proteins, stimulates the synthesis of new collagen and renewal of the skin layer.


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