Treatment of acne and rosacea

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Treatment of acne and rosacea

Acne is a disease of the oily follicles, characterized by increased fat secretion, impaired keratinization of the follicles and formation of comedones, inflammatory papules, postulates, abscesses, and scars.

Most often it occurs in puberty. Different causes can lead to the development of acne. These may be internal/genetic factors that cause elevated fat secretion, neurogenic and hormonal disorders, medication intake, etc. / and external/inappropriate cosmetics, use of mineral oils, tar, UV light, etc. /

Before proceeding to treat acne, it is important to identify the causes that led to its occurrence. For each individual, the cause of the disease may be different. This requires an individual approach.

Consulting with a dermatologist is very important
After consultation with Dr. Magdalina Gurova, you will be given an individual treatment plan to solve the problem, which includes:

  • a suitable regimen and medical cosmetics to keep the skin at home
  • choice of topical treatment / keratolytic, antibiotics, antisebored preparations, etc. /
  • choosing the right systemic treatment, which may include retinoids, antibiotics, hormonal preparations, antiandrogens and vitamins
  • performing dermatological procedures to reduce complaints and prevent the appearance of scars/chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser acne therapy, ultraphonophoresis /

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin, affecting mainly the face, eyes and décolleté. Typically, reddening of the skin and formation of expanded superficial blood vessels on the nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin. More prone to rosacea are people with light skin. Women are more susceptible to the disease, but in men, it is more severe.

Causes of rosacea

Since redness is the typical occurrence of rosacea, specialists believe that the main cause of the disease lies in the blood vessels. Genetic predisposition, stress, infections and some internal diseases can provoke the appearance of rosacea. The disease is aggravated by the misuse of spicy foods and by a sharp change in climatic conditions.

Treatment of rosacea

If left untreated, the disease gets worse, and the risk of lasting effects is high. Deepening of the disease may be accompanied by red and sore pimples. Therefore, consultation with a specialist is imperative. For mild forms of rosacea, topical therapy is used. Modern laser technologies guarantee excellent results in the treatment of rosacea. Therapy relieves the patient and minimizes the onset of complications.

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Клиника по естетична дерматология и лазерна терапия в Пловдив – DermaPlus

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