Ultrasound lifting and tightening with HIFU

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Product Description

Ultrasound lifting and tightening with HIFU

ULCHE® (HIFU) is a certified medical device that generates a high-frequency focused ultrasonic impulse. It is used as a non-invasive dermatological remedy to treat sagging skin on the forehead, around the eyes, nasolabial wrinkles, chin, lower jaw line, neck, décolleté, abdomen, inner thighs and arms.

HIFU is truly a remarkable breakthrough in technology, offering a truly non-invasive alternative to a surgical face and neck lift, skin tightening, body slimming (destroys intractable fat cells and gives younger look). All current technologies (lasers, radio frequency, IPL) act on the surface and middle layer of the skin. In contrast, HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) reaches the deepest layer of skin, and the so called SMAS (superficial muscle aponeurotic system). This layer is located between the subcutaneous fat and the muscles and has so far been mainly influenced by surgical intervention. It is made of collagen and elastin fibers and is the frame that supports the soft tissues of the face. With age, the collagen in the SMAS layer loses its elasticity and the skin relaxes. The precision-directed high-intensity ultrasonic energy (HIFU) penetrates deep into the skin and raises the temperature at the impact point to 65°C, causing denaturation and coagulation of proteins, collagen and elastin fibers shrinking and shortening and activating a new collagen synthesis process. A skin lifting is provided without the side effects of surgical intervention. The advantage of this method is that the impact on deep structures takes place without disturbing the superficial epidermal layer.

Ултразвуков лифтинг и стягане с HIFU

How does HIFU work?

Bison’s ULCHE® instrument works with four nozzles that emit ultrasound at different frequencies and impact at different depths. Three of them are designed for facelift:

  • the depth of focused ultrasound up to 4.5 mm goes to the deepest layer of skin and tightens the SMAS layer,
  • the nozzle up to 3 mm reaches the middle and deep dermis and reduces the accumulated fatty formations,
  • the nozzle, which acts at a depth of 1.5 mm, works on the surface layer of the dermis, smooths the fine wrinkles and clears the complexion. Therefore, HIFUprovides simultaneous tightening, face rejuvenation and lifting effect.

Ултразвуков лифтинг и стягане с HIFU

The fourth ULCHE® nozzle penetrates up to 6 mm depth and is designed to smooth and tighten the body. The areas that can be treated include forearms, hips, buttocks, abdomen, and calves. This body procedure is especially recommended for maintenance after liposuction.

What is achieved with ULCHE® (HIFU)?

  • Lifting and complete rejuvenation of the face, neck and décolleté;
  • Tightening the skin and improving the contour of the face;
  • Eyebrows and eyelids lifting;
  • Reduction of wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes, around the nose and the mouth, in the area of the décolleté;
  • Smoothing the chin line;
  • Tightening and modeling of body, hands, thighs, abdomen and seat fats.

How long does the result last?

Two years after the procedure. The peak of HIFU lifting is 3 to 6 months after therapy. This is the time it takes to form a new collagen matrix.

How many procedures are needed and is there a recovery period?

In patients with more marked signs of aging, at the discretion of the dermatologist, it is possible to do a second therapy. The discomfort during the procedure is minimized, the feeling is like gently firing and pulling the skin. There is no recovery period in HIFU and the patient does not need to interrupt his/her usual duties after the procedure. It is possible to experience a slight swelling 2-3 days after treatment. The procedure is applied throughout the year and is suitable for people of all types and skin color.

Can anyone be subjected to the procedure?

Therapy is not suitable for pregnant and nursing women, for people with severe acne and open skin wounds, for patients with oncological and endocrine illnesses and for those taking anticoagulants.

Is the HIFU procedure safe?

This ultrasonic technology has the approval of the American Academy of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to counteract the signs of aging.

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